Ethiopian and Somalian children are dying from starvation and Turkish American Society of Chicago (TASC) invites you to support them.

African people have been displaced because of the drought. There are more than 400,000 Somalian refugees staying in the Dadaab Camp near Kenya and the number is increasing.The only hope of survival is the food and water at refugee camps which is given to one of every four refugees who left their hometown. According to the UN report, two million children are undernourished and in order for them to survive very urgent support is needed.

Refugees are walking for days to reach Ethiopia and 1 or 2 children in families of four even reach the camps.

Recently, Adrian Edwards, the Official Representative of the UN stated that the Dadaab Camp is the world’s largest refugee camp.

The majority of the people fleeing West Africa to Ethiopia because of the drought.  The UN is concerned that the climate change could be a permanent crisis. UN Human Rights Expert Shamsui Bari stated that the situation in Somalia is becoming worse and the response of th  world to the situation is very slow and not clearly realized.

The drought worsens and even the drought-resistant camels are beginning to die. The death of the camels clearly demonstrates that other less resistant wild life must be being effected.

People stated that 700 thousand people are dying of hunger and that the society of the world must take immediate action as soon as possible.
TASC has launched a  campaign to eliminate water and nutrition needs in Africa. The needs are so urgent and should be delivered as soon as possible.
You can help by sending Money to Somalia with PayPal just clicking the button below. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account. You can donate with any credit card like Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express etc.
All your contributions will be forwarded to the children and all people in urgent need.
We would like to thank everybody who donates, it is everybody’s responsibility to help these people in this hardest times. It is a matter of life and death.