Embrace Relief Foundation is reaching out to you for your help. Embrace Relief is a relief organization dedicated to providing aid wherever we are needed both domestically and internationally. Last month from February 21st through 23rd five volunteer doctors coming from New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey flew down to Haiti to conduct standard health screenings at two orphanages and an elementary school. By the end of our time there, we had examined over 150 people which included 100 orphaned children. After discussing the results with the physicians, it became clear that these children have succumb to serious diseases due to malnutrition and lack of adequate medical care. Since returning, we have decided to campaign to support these children with one year’s worth of their living and medical expenses. Additionally, we have decided to repair one of the orphanages due to its impending collapse.

One of Embrace Relief’s priorities has always been to help orphans all over the world.There are more than 150 million orphans worldwide. Most of these orphans are neglected and need help. Every day more than 5700 kids become orphans and 143 million orphans spend at least 10 years in orphanages. Every year it is estimated that 14 million orphans are released from their homes and forced to live on the street due to reaching the age of 18. Because they were forced out of their homes coupled with the lack of education and care, 70% of the boys that leave are involved in serious criminal offences like murder and robbery and 60% of the girls are involved in prostitution.

Embrace Relief has worked to provide help to orphans in Haiti and Africa and has been continuing these efforts by consistent donations of food, clothes and supplies to orphanages and schools. After our last trip to Haiti we have revived or campaign and are now seeking new donations and partners to assist in the effort. Embrace relief is now promoting the “Raise an Orphan” campaign provides providing donors to support an orphan for as long as they wish. The cost of annual expenses for an orphan is $400. Embrace relief will provide an appreciation certificate that includes the name and picture of the orphan who you are supporting.

Please join us in our effort to save these children and give them a fighting chance.

For more information please visit http://embracerelief.org/health-screening-haiti/