April 27th, 2011

3rd Annual Intercultural Friendship Reception at the Michigan State Capitol


As was last year, Turkish American Society of Michigan was a proud co-sponsor and co-host of this year’s Intercultural Friendship Reception. Niagara Foundation was the main organizer of the event at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, MI. 

The event provided the opportunity for the diverse ethnic, cultural and religious communities to come together with the elected officials to cultivate friendship, celebrate diversity, strengthen dialog and deepen intercultural awareness.

Speakers, Representative Lesia Liss and Honorable Mr. Vicente Sanchez (Consul General of Mexico and Dean of the Consular Corps of Michigan) emphasized the importance of such events for encouraging peace and dialog between people with vastly different backgrounds.

Many of the attendees, which included Mayor of City of East Lansing, East Lansing Police Chief, Professors from the neighboring Colleges and Universities, Pastors, Rabbis and members of Islamic Community in the Greater Lansing area, expressed their pleasure of having such an event at a time when the news of various conflicts between different groups are spread throughout the world.

The program continued with lunch featuring delicious selections from the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.