Cooking Class – Saturday, April 12, 2014 – Detroit

TASM Women’s branch is organizing another Turkish Cooking Class on April 12th. You are cordially invited to register for the upcoming second session to enjoy great food along with a friendly conversation. Please find details below.

Session 3: Three Great ‘Borek’!

Börek (also burek and other variants) is a family of baked or fried filled pastries made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo (or yufka). It can be filled with cheese, often feta, sirene or kasar; minced meat, or vegetables.

It was invented in what is now Modern Turkey, in the Anatolian Provinces of the Ottoman Empire in its early era, to become a popular element of Ottoman cuisine.

So, come join us for a unique cooking experience and enjoy a variety of tasty Böreks accompanied by freshly brewed hot tea with us!

Fee:         10 $ /person (fee can be paid on the event day)

When:      Saturday, April 12, 2014

Time:        2pm – 4pm

Where:     Balkan American Community Center 

                 1451 E. Big Beaver Rd. Troy, MI  48083

Please register by clicking here or replying to this e-mail or sending an email to

Turkish American Society of Michigan

1451 E. Big Beaver Rd. Troy, MI 48084