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Retirement Home Visits

December 2010 During Christmas break, members of the Michigan Turkish Community in Ann Arbor visited American House Senior Living in Ypsilanti. They offered roses to the residents for Christmas celebration, which is very well received. We thank all of the residents and the staff of the American House Senior Living for friendly conversation and a great time. We are looking forward to our next...

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Profile and Facts

(Excerpts from Official NameRepublic of Turkey Date of FoundationOctober 29, 1923Capital                                              Ankara Largest Cities Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya Area                              814.578 km2Geographical CoordinatesEastern Meridians 26° and 45° and Northern Parallels 36° and 42° Coastal BordersMediterranean Sea in the south, Aegean Sea in the west and Black Sea in the northLanguage                   The official language is Turkish. English is widely spoken in major cities. Currency                   TL (Turkish Lira) 1 Euro approximately equals to 2, 30 Turkish Liras. Time ZoneGMT+2; CET +1; and EST (US -East) +7Business Hours   The workweek in Turkey runs from Monday to Friday. Banks, government offices and majority of  corporate offices open at 9 AM and close at 5 PM.Public HolidaysThere are two types of public holiday in Turkey: Those fall on the same day each year; and the religious festivals which change according to the lunar calendar and, therefore, fall on different dates each year.1 January, 23 April, 1 May, 19 May, 30 August, 28 & 29 October Eid (Ramadan): 8-11 September 2010  Eid (Fitr-Kurban): 15-19 November 2010VisasVisas are easily obtained upon arrival to the air­port and are required for citizens of most countries.Electricity220V. European standard round two-pin sockets. Health ServicesCities and major touristic towns have a selection of private inter­national and public hospitals with good standards.FoodAs with many Mediterranean nations Turkish food is very healthy, fresh and enjoyable.WaterTap water is chlorinated and, therefore, safe to...

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Soup Kitchen Visits

TASM pays special attention to sharing to community and especially with its most disadvantaged parts of society. In hard economic times for Michigan, TASM encourages its volunteers to take more time and effort to step in and contribute by being more active in extending helping hand to those in need. We started this by one small step at time. 29 November 2009 Our volunteers visited St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen, donated the meat for current and future needs and spent their day preparing meals and providing them to soup kitchen visitors. 11 December 2010 TASM visited St. Leo’s Soup Kitchen, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and Gleaners Food Bank and made ground meat donation for meal...

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About Us

Turkish American Society of Michigan (TASM) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  TASM plans and executes cultural, intercultural, educational, religious, charitable, literary, sporting, and social programs and activities. The mission of TASM has two complementary and synergistic components: To serve the Turkish-American Michiganders to better integrate into the society. To introduce the Turkish Culture to Michiganders to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialog and exchange of information. Roles That TASM Undertakes Organizing and supporting programs and activities in order to address the cultural and social needs of Turkish-Americans living in Michigan Offering a welcoming...

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Embrace Relief’s cataract surgery project is aimed to provide relief to thousands of people suffering from cataracts in Africa.