October-November 2010


Every year, Niagara Foundation, a non-profit organization serving the Midwest states, organizes Dialog Dinners that bring together diverse communities to promote cooperative social action by focusing on the common values of humanity; values such as understanding, tolerance, respect, and compassion.


In 2010, Niagara Foundation – Michigan organized five Dialog Dinners in Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. A diverse group of guests including elected state and city officials, leaders and representatives from faith communities, business, media and academia attended the dinners and distinguished speakers gave important messages on the theme of this year’s event: “The Art of Living Together”.


TASM was a proud sponsor for the Dialog Dinners in all five cities this year. Our guests had a chance to taste the world-famous Turkish baklava and homemade authentic Turkish appetizers prepared by our volunteers. In addition, they have enjoyed live Turkish Sufi Music performed by the members of Michigan Turkish Community and a live performance of the traditional Turkish Art form called “Ebru”.


More details on the Dialog Dinners can be found at: Niagara Foundation – Michigan.