Turkish American Society of Michigan (TASM) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  TASM plans and executes cultural, intercultural, educational, religious, charitable, literary, sporting, and social programs and activities.

The mission of TASM has two complementary and synergistic components:

  1. To serve the Turkish-American Michiganders to better integrate into the society.
  2. To introduce the Turkish Culture to Michiganders to cultivate friendship and promote a better understanding of diverse cultures through dialog and exchange of information.

Roles That TASM Undertakes

  • Organizing and supporting programs and activities in order to address the cultural and social needs of Turkish-Americans living in Michigan
  • Offering a welcoming environment for new Michiganders of Turkish descent and helping them adapt to their new life in Michigan
  • Supporting educational forums for learning Turkish language, literature, history, and culture in the form of classes for children and adults, lecture series, symposiums, seminars, conferences, and discussion groups
  • Establishing bridges between Turkish and American Cultures by fostering and promoting intercultural dialog, community involvement, and volunteering
  • Promoting education, exchange of information, opinions, and expertise with a special focus on including a diverse range of viewpoints in our activities
  • Working hand in hand with other community and faith groups and institutions that recognize the great need for fostering diversity, inclusion, and respect among cultures through communication and interaction